Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY Sunburst Mirror (s)

Sunburst Mirrors are really hot these days.
I have been finding many DIYer's who are making them.
I even made one myself...

My Sunburst Mirror has a 12 diameter beveled edge mirror in the center (10" across) and the whole thing is 33" across.
Here is a list of DIYer's who have made some form of a Sunburst or Starburst Mirror. (most of these DIYer's have included instructions on how to make one)

I can't believe how many different ones are out there and that I had this many bookmarked. (If you come across one I don't have listed then please post a comment with the link)

Our Humble Abowed (I followed these instructions to make my own)
Addicted 2 Decorating (Mirror #1)
Addicted 2 Decorating (Mirror #2)
Ashley's Thrifty Living (metal ruler mirror) and other mirrors from the same website
Crazy Wonderful (Westerman Fam)
Isabella & Max Rooms
Dollar Store Crafts
Frugal Decor Mom
Hi Sugarplum
Little Brick Ranch
Sparkle Pants Girl
Home by Sunset
Crafty Nest (mirror revamp)
Crafty Nest (Mirror #2)
Project Pretty Blog
Crafty Sisters
Just Pleased as Punch
Thrifty and Chic


Unframed Round Mirrors with a beveled edge can be found at Hobby Lobby (in store and online) In the store they are near the candle decor stuff.

Also check Walmart or Target in store and online for round mirror (s) or circle mirror (s). They sometimes carry framed round or circle mirrors.

Paint Stirrers or Paint Sticks are typically known as Paint Paddles in the industry here in the USA. So if your searching for a source also search for Paint Paddles. eBay is one place to look as I have found suppliers who regularly sell new and unmarked one in lots of 100.

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